Reopen Your Business with Thermal Temperature Monitoring

Self Check Temperature Monitoring Station (Wall Mount)

Vermont Security, LLC delivers a variety of non-contact, non-invasive temperature monitoring solutions to businesses and institutions throughout Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and in parts of New York and Massachusetts. We pair our commitment to the highest level of installation management, technical support and customer service with best-in-class manufacturers and suppliers of temperature cameras and other technology products, providing solutions that conform to the needs of our clients.

Experts predict that the coronavirus pandemic and the measures being taken in response represent fundamental and possibly permanent changes to the way we live and conduct business. The screening of personnel, customers and vendors who frequent the premises of businesses and institutions is currently being done using hand-held devices and questionnaires (if screening is taking place at all.) Trained personnel, wearing special facial covering and protective clothing, are required to be stationed at facility entrances during hours of operation and sometimes even around the clock (i.e. emergency room entrances). In many cases, this scenario is not viable because of the huge strain this places on a business’s human and financial resources.

Self Check Temperature Monitoring Station (Pedestal Mount)

Our Solution

We offer non-contact, non-invasive temperature monitoring solutions that are easily deployed in mobile or permanent installation scenarios. The thermal temperature monitoring solution typically encompasses a hybrid thermal camera with a blackbody calibration device that maintains a customizable constant temperature as a reference point. The camera uses a thermal imager (heat sensor) to detect small differences in temperature, collecting infrared radiation information from objects within a scene. An optical sensor captures visual information as well, providing contextual information and a starting point for contact tracing.

High Volume Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution

Key Technology Features

  • Supports human body temperature scanning of up to 6 free flowing people per second versus a minimum of three seconds per person using a manual method.
  • No need for subjects to stop or remain in position for screening
  • Accurately reads temperatures of subjects even when hats, masks or other facial coverings are worn.
  • Face detection algorithms allow for the monitoring of multiple people at the same time.
  • Helps detect and eliminate false positives

Rely on our Professional Service

Vermont Security is led by founder Jesse Harper. Together his team of highly skilled technicians and staff have been providing tech-forward integrated security and automation solutions to businesses and homeowners across New England for the past 12 years.