No-Contact Temperature Monitoring

Many experts predict that the coronavirus and measures being taken to combat it representfundamental and most likely permanent changes to the way we live and conduct business. The vetting of personnel, customers and vendors who frequent the premises of businesses and institutions is currently being done using hand-held devices if vetting is occurring at all. Trained personnel, wearing special facial covering and protective clothing, are required to man entrances during all hours of operation and even round-the-clock (i.e. emergency room entrances). This response is expensive and, in some cases, not available or viable for most because of the vast human and financial resources it requires.

Vermont Security is here to help!

We offer a variety of no-contact, non-evasive temperature monitoring solutions. The solution is reasonably priced and is an easily deployed system. The thermal temperature monitoring solution typically encompasses a hybrid thermal camera with a blackbody calibration device that maintains a customizable constant temperature as a reference point.
The camera uses a thermal imager, essentially a heat sensor, to detect small differences in temperature, collecting infrared radiation from objects within a scene.

The technology:
-Supports monitoring of 30 people per second versus a minimum of 3 seconds per person using a
manual method,
-Monitors temperatures of people even with facial coverings or head gear,
-Includes a face detection trigger to allow for the monitoring of multiple people at the same time,
-Helps to detect false positives.

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